26 of the best T-Shirt label Designs

26 inside t-shirt tags creative design examples

Hit a dead end? Looking for the perfect inspiration for your next t-shirt tag design?

Finding the right inside t-shirt tag design is challenging. Not only is the inside tag designed to give your customer the essential information, it’s also an attention to detail that reflects who you are as a brand.

To get you inspired or help you get over your annoying “designer’s block,” we have carefully curated a list of 26 outstanding t-shirt sizing and care tags. If you are looking for pre-made t-shirt tags, check out this download. Continue reading 26 of the best T-Shirt label Designs

21 Must Have Handmade Fonts

21 must have handmade fonts TMB

If you’re time poor but still need to inject some handmade typography into your design work, then having an assortment of well engineered handmade fonts at your disposal is a must. We believe there is nothing better than creating a full graphic design by hand, but if you must use preset fonts, here is a list of 21 must have handmade fonts for your design toolkit which we think are the best in class. Let us know which font is your favourite in the comments section below.
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Top iOS Apps for Design Inspiration and E-commerce Entrepreneurs

top iOS apps for design inspiration ecommerce entrepreneurs

One of the best things we love about working in the creative industry is that it’s collaborative and evolving constantly. Creativity is such an abstract form of thinking, operating and producing. It can’t be limited and has the power to transcend social, emotional and cultural boundaries, to only name a few! We appreciate where creativity has taken mankind and to where it’s going and one of the things we appreciate most is that we now have more accessibility, platforms, technologies and devices to create, enhance, inspire, share, sell and have fun with than ever before.
In this blog post we’ve compiled a list of our favourite apps that help us in practical and aesthetical ways – some simply are just for inspiration and fun, others are essential for helping us run a business and allow us to operate more smoothly.
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10+ Gold Foil T-Shirt Designs – Hand selected for your inspiration

10 Gold foil t-shirt designs hand selected for inspiration

We have scoured the web and hand selected a set of 10+ gold foil t-shirt designs to spark inspiration and also showcase what can be achieved with gold foil in t-shirt printing.

If you are interested in knowing more about screen printing with gold foil or how to create a gold foil effect in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, check out or post
Gold Foil: The definitive designers guide to gold foil, creating and screen printing the effect.
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21 Christmas T-Shirt Design Inspirations

Christmas t-shirt design inspiration head img

Ahh… I can feel Christmas in the air! Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year, that’s if you’ve planned ahead and finished every project you’ve been tasked with leading up to the end of the year. Otherwise, Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year for us graphic designers. I can remember many times feeling the excitement in the air that Christmas was upon us and at the same time knowing that I had a month work to complete in a few weeks before the holidays could begin. Being inspired to design can be hard when you are time poor, so to help a brother/sister out we have gathered together a collection of 20 images to inspire your next Christmas holiday t-shirt design. Our hope is that as you peruse through these images, you’ll be able to catch the spirit of Christmas and intern create a magical t-shirt design for the season. Good luck!

Handy tip: Cranking up the volume on your favourite Christmas carols during the design process can mentally get yourself into the christmas spirit. Personally, we love A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi, look it up on iTunes, you wont be disappointed.

Merry Christmas to you, and as always, happy designing! Continue reading 21 Christmas T-Shirt Design Inspirations

Top 6 design inspiration web sources for apparel graphic design

Top 6 Apparel Graphic Design Inspiration web sources

Epic t-shirt graphic designs don’t just fall out of thin air!

That’s why we built this list of websites that we frequent often for creative design inspiration. We recognise that design inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time, however over the years we have realised that nine times out of ten we are under strict time constraints and randomly browsing the internet hoping to stumble across a design concept that fits the design brief can take hours and hours. This list has been tried, tested and refined over the years and is always our first go-to when we have a t-shirt graphic to design or a new vector art pack for the web store.

Download this post in PDF format (319 KBs) 
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Photo Print T-Shirt Design Inspiration

A lot has changed in screen printing since the 1960’s when it was mainly utilised by businesses owners to print their logos on t-shirts for promotional purposes……scratch that, nothing has changed since the 1960’s in this regard. Today, a plethora of clothing/fashion labels are churning out company branded apparel and it’s only gaining momentum. I am amazed at how saturated the apparel industry is, yet new brands keep sprouting up seemingly overnight and are making a significant impact on the market.

Todays clothing label really needs to stand out, whether it be by offering great quality at a lower price, being a trend influencer rather or an exclusive label, whatever your direction is, one thing remains crystal clear…..you can’t go past a great looking t-shirt print.

Maybe the why of screen printing hasn’t changed since the 1960’s but the printing processes and techniques certainly have.

One of these techniques is, four color process printing also known as, CMYK printing. With the use of special image separation software, the image is broken up into halftones consisting of four main colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Each color has its own screen and is printed with opaque (semitransparent) ink, one on top of the other to make the various colour tones. For example, green hues would be made up of cyan and yellow halftone dots printed on top of each other. This technique allows for pretty much any creative design to be realised on a light colour t-shirt.

Check out these (cmyk) photo print t-shirt designs… for your inspiration.

Billabong – ‘Paradise’
billabong_paradise_t-shirt design inspiration

Supremebeing – ‘Treeshine’
Supremebeing treeshine_t-shirt design inspiration

Savant – ‘Jack Daniels’
Savant Jack Daniels_T-shirt design inspiration

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22 + 2 Typography T-shirt Design Inspiration

Wrap your eyes around these delicious t-shirt designs embracing typography.

Being ‘inspired’ is a word that gets thrown around the design room/office/school a lot, and can be easier said than done. I can remember my first major graphic design job within the surf/board riding industry. I was blown away by just how talented everyone was, it was humbling and also intimidating. I always wondered how these guys keept coming up with incredible designs over and over again. Later I discovered they had a list of underground graphic design inspiration websites bookmarked in their web browser that they could draw ideas from. This site (www.prepresstoolkit.com) seeks to be one of those sites. you probably should bookmark it 🙂

22 Amazing Typographical T-shirt Designs for Inspiration 

1. True Friends
True Friends T-shirt Inspiration

2. We Do It Like This
We Do It Like This t-shirt design inspiration

3. Vote Ninjas (t-shirt design inspiration by: AJ Paglia)
Vote Ninjas! t-shirt design inspiration

t-shirt vector mockup download
4. Where Is The Music
I love the simplicity of the Where Is The Music tee, enhanced by an over-print technique.
Where Is The Music T-shirt typography Inspiration

5. Shave the Whales (t-shirt design inspiration by: Luis Diaz )
Shave The Whales T-shirt Design Inspiration

6. Savor Flavor
Savor Flavor T-shirt Inspiration

7. Spray Box (t-shirt design inspiration by: Rip Curl)
Spray Box a minimalistic design beefed up with a great distressed/gritty texture.
RipCurl Spray Box T-shirt Design Inspiration

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25 Free College Fonts

25 free college style fonts

Over the last seven years working as a pre press designer one request from clients has come up over and over again, “can we have our logo with this text (insert text provided by client) in a college looking font style”. Seriously, It is the number one requested font style at our print shop. As a designer you can spend so much time creating awesome looking concepts for an end of year school top, charity event, pretty much anything, only to have the concept knocked back for a super basic college football looking screen print. Having said that I have put together a tight collection of 25 of the best FREE college fonts to download. These fonts are the perfect accompaniment for college style designs, numbers, and personlised names for sporting tops. These are a guaranteed winner, let me know how you have incorporated these fonts into your designs.

These fonts are presented in no particular order:

College Fonts

1. Octin College Regular (free)
2. Collegiate Heavy Outline (free)
Collegiate Heavy Outline

Premium Font – HUDSON NY Slab (download)
Hudson NY Slab college font download free

4. UNIVERSAL-COLLEGE-draft (free)
5. Freshman (free)
6. SF Collegiate (free)
SF Collegiate

Premium Font – College Dropout (download)

college dropout font download

7. Jersey M54 (free)
8. Wanted M54 (free)

Collegiate Fonts

Looking for a new way to freshen up your brand? Tired of the same old Helvetica and Times New Roman?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of our favorite free collegiate fonts, all of them downloadable with a click or two:

9. Superstar M54 (free)
10. CollegiateBlackFLF (free)
11. New Athletic M54 (free)
12. Academic M54 (free)
13. College (free)

Premium font – National Champion (download)

national champion line specs college font download

Fonts for University

There are so many fonts out there. I don’t know about you, but it took me forever to find a good font for a university logo, and that was just for ONE project.

I’m here to save you some time and help you pick the perfect font for your university’s next campaign. Check out the list below to get started.

14. Colleged (free)
15. Bou College (free)
16. College Boy (free)
17. College Slab (free)
18. FM College Team (free)
19. Bad Bold College (free)
20. Varsity (free)
21. Allstar (free)

Premium Font – AZ College Brushed ~ Serif Font (download)

az college brushed font

22. Bandung Hardcore GP (free)
23. Pulp Fiction M54 (free)
24. Legend M54 (free)
25. Sports Jersey (free)
Sports Jersey

The fact of the matter is that the Internet is a huge, vast place and there are millions of fonts all over. Our hope for this post was to do the heavy lifting for you so that you can speedup your design project and get paid faster.