10+ Gold Foil T-Shirt Designs – Hand selected for your inspiration

10 Gold foil t-shirt designs hand selected for inspiration

We have scoured the web and hand selected a set of 10+ gold foil t-shirt designs to spark inspiration and also showcase what can be achieved with gold foil in t-shirt printing.

If you are interested in knowing more about screen printing with gold foil or how to create a gold foil effect in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, check out or post
Gold Foil: The definitive designers guide to gold foil, creating and screen printing the effect.

Gold Foil T-Shirt designs on black

01. Amplified – Vintage Ramones

A vintage style Ramones gold foil design on a rough cut t-shirt.

Amplified vintage ramones gold foil t-shirt

02. Stay Brutal – Gold Foil Tee

large gold foil block lettering will certainly grab anyones attention.

This city is burning gold foil t-shirt design

03. Nike – Neymar Hero Gold Foil T-Shirt

On closer inspection you can see a grid pattern running through the large block text. The grid pattern is just plain t-shirt colour, so at no added cost, this design has been able to inject even more interest to some already killer custom type.

Neymar Hero Gold Foil T-Shirt

04. Rocket Clothing – Devils Lock Gold Foil

Keeping in mind that gold foil is not the best with fine detailed prints, this t-shirt graphic shows how a distressed texture on the edges of a graphic can look, once printed.

Devil Lock Gold foil

05. Salty Custom Designs

A large graphic with some finer details. Like we mentioned in our previous post The definitive designers guide to gold foil, keeping the fine details in your graphic to a minimum of 3 points will keep the details from disappearing into a blob of gold foil.

Salty Customs design gold foil t-shirt

06. Terence-sullivan.com – Quirk Gold Foil

Simple hipster typographic t-shirt design, utilising the shimmer of gold foil to enhance the graphic.

Quirk gold foil t-shirt design

07. Untitled Skateboards

Another example of the level of detail you can get into a gold foil t-shirt print.

Untitled Skateboards Foil Lion

Gold Foil T-Shirt Prints of White

08. Fab Four Store – Beatles Gold Foil Tee

Water-based ink (fab four print) printed alongside gold foil text, the perfect mix. Note: due to the heat pressing process gold foil can only be printed next to water-based or discharge inks. Check out our article on screen printing with gold foil for more information.

beatles t-shirt womens gold foil

09. Habibi Cairo

Gold Foil print on plain white tee, simple and stylish.

Habibi Cairo White and Gold

10. Money Clothing – Richie Rich Gold Foil T-Shirt

A Richie Rich inspired t-shirt graphic, makes complete sense to print this in gold foil. What says high roller more than gold, right?

money clothing gold foil richie rich t-shirt

11. Silver Star – 100 Dollar Gold Foil Tee

Another great example of multiple color prints, gold foil printed alongside black and grey waterbased ink.

silver star 100 dollar gold foil t-shirt

12. Unknown – Black and Gold Foil Skulls

The title speaks for itself.

Mixed Print skulls

Gold Foil Prints on Color T-shirts

13. River Island

river island red dark red bronze foil print t-shirt

14. TMCP Design – Gold Foil Monkey

TMCP Design foil monkey