Photoshop Polo Shirt // Pro Template

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the polo shirt template PSD

Introducing the Men’s Polo Shirt Mockup Template Pack.

What better way to convince your clients that your’ve got the design skills required to produce their company branded polo, than with a Polo shirt mockup template that looks photo real, they’ll think it’s actually been printed already.

Introducing our Photoshop Men’s Polo Shirt Mockup Templates Pack: the perfect addition to your mockup template arsenal. This template pack includes hide-able tags, colorable buttons, multiple front, back and side ghosted views.

For a limited time we are also including our popular men’s vector polo template (compatible with both Abobe Illustrator and Corel Draw)

Here’s a run down on what’s included with our Photoshop Men’s Polo Mockup Templates Pack:

  • Unlimited Shirt Colors.
  • Templates for Front, Backs and Side.
  • Pro clipping masks to help clean up artwork hanging off the template.
  • Real world lighting.
  • Sizing tags have been places on a separate layer so you can easily switch the visibility off or on.

We’ve done all the hard work so now go and make something amazing!

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PrePressTKPhotoshop Polo Shirt // Pro Template

The Best 7 Photo Real Hat and Cap Templates Ever Created!

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Last summer our design department set a massive goal; To set the benchmark for the next generation of apparel and head wear templates.
If we may say so…we smashed the apparel templates out of the park! Not only did we offer the usual front, back and side templates, but we developed the first ever, 45 degree angled template profile!
The angled profile, (that is trending on high-end ecommerce stores like, allows you to easily insert your own artwork as a flat 2D layer. The template then seamlessly warps and moulds the artwork to the fabric on the correct viewing plane. After achieving success in the apparel department, we directed our attention to the headwear.

After having our new templates released for a short time, we began receiving really positive feedback from our PrePress Toolkit design community about our work. We appreciate the good and the bad, but feedback that lets us know what our clients like and are looking for, motivates us to produce even better, newer, fresher products than anyone else out there.

Quote: “I used to use (company name removed as PrePress isn’t into defacing). But I used to think they are top-notch until I found you guys. You guys are too awesome so I decided to buy the entire bundle”
Nelson Chu

Feedback like the example above, showed us that people were expecting big things from the PrePress Team and we wanted to deliver, so…

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PrePressTKThe Best 7 Photo Real Hat and Cap Templates Ever Created!

21 Christmas T-Shirt Design Inspirations

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Ahh… I can feel Christmas in the air! Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year, that’s if you’ve planned ahead and finished every project you’ve been tasked with leading up to the end of the year. Otherwise, Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year for us graphic designers. I can remember many times feeling the excitement in the air that Christmas was upon us and at the same time knowing that I had a month work to complete in a few weeks before the holidays could begin. Being inspired to design can be hard when you are time poor, so to help a brother/sister out we have gathered together a collection of 20 images to inspire your next Christmas holiday t-shirt design. Our hope is that as you peruse through these images, you’ll be able to catch the spirit of Christmas and intern create a magical t-shirt design for the season. Good luck!

Handy tip: Cranking up the volume on your favourite Christmas carols during the design process can mentally get yourself into the christmas spirit. Personally, we love A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi, look it up on iTunes, you wont be disappointed.

Merry Christmas to you, and as always, happy designing!

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PrePressTK21 Christmas T-Shirt Design Inspirations

10+ Must Have Mockup Templates for T-Shirt and Apparel Design – the men’s collection

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Men’s Ghosted T-Shirt Template – Photoreal Mockup Pack
Mens t-shirt design mockup template psd

This men’s ghosted t-shirt template pack comes with front, back and side profiles as well as
the all new angled front and angled back profiles.
PrePress Toolkit is proud to be the first to offer a fully editable angled mockup
template. Through the use of Smart Objects layers, all you need to do is add your
artwork and the template will do the hard work of setting your artwork onto the t-shirt.
All files are compatible with Photoshop CS3 and newer versions including Photoshop CC.
Download T-Shirt Template Here.
Also available in Vector format (AI + EPS files). Click here for Vector Pack.
Also available as part of the Apparel Studio Bundle. (save $120)

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PrePressTK10+ Must Have Mockup Templates for T-Shirt and Apparel Design – the men’s collection