Photoshop Polo Shirt // Pro Template

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the polo shirt template PSD

Introducing the Men’s Polo Shirt Mockup Template Pack and the all new
Women’s Ghosted Polo Shit Templates

What better way to convince your clients that your’ve got the design skills required to produce their company branded polo, than with a Polo shirt mockup template that looks photo real, they’ll think it’s actually been printed already.

Our PrePress Toolkit Photoshop Polo Shirt Mockup Templates Pack: the perfect addition to your mockup template arsenal. Both Men’s and Women’s template packs includes colorable buttons, sleeves, collar, plackets and sleeve hems. Multiple front, back and side and all new angled perspective ghosted templates.

Here’s a run down on the top features included with our Photoshop Men’s Polo Shirt Mockup Template Pack:

PrePressTKPhotoshop Polo Shirt // Pro Template

Fluorescent Ink – The Definitive Apparel Designers Guide

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Back in the 80’s apparel design was all about bright fluorescent (also know as neon) prints or bright fluorescent fabric colors, fast forward from the 80’s and a lot has changed. These days the clothing market isn’t flooded with brightly colored, in your face, neon colors, rather fluorescent colors are subtly used in graphic designs to draw your eye to a specific part of the design.

PrePressTKFluorescent Ink – The Definitive Apparel Designers Guide