Clothing Mockup Master Collection

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Download Size: 2 GB (Total)
File Type(s): ZIP, PSD
Software Version: Photoshop CC
Quantity: 14 Pack containing 76 Items
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Licence: Simple Licence

This epic pack contains:

  1. MEN'S T-SHIRT Vol 1 Template Pack
  2. MEN'S T-SHIRT Vol 2 Photoshop Pack
  3. MEN'S SINGLET Template Pack
  4. MEN'S LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT Template Pack
  5. MEN'S 3/4 SLEEVE T-SHIRT Template Pack
  6. MEN'S ZIP UP HOODIE Photoshop Pack
  8. MEN'S CREW NECK SWEATER Photoshop Pack
  9. MEN'S POLO SHIRT Template Pack
  11. MEN'S POCKET T-SHIRT Photoshop Pack
  13. WOMEN'S T-SHIRT Template Pack
  14. WOMEN'S SINGLET Template Pack
  15. WOMEN'S LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT Photoshop Pack
  16. WOMEN'S POLO SHIRT Photoshop Pack

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Please note: This is not stand-alone software, this clothing mockup master collection is designed to be used with Adobe Photoshop CC and is compatible with older versions of Photoshop back to version CS3.

What’s In The Download Pack?

Clothing Mockup Master Collection – PSD Templates

Pack Contains

  1. Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt Mockup Pack
  2. Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt Mockup Pack
  3. Men’s T-Shirt Mockup Vol 2 Photoshop Pack
  4. Men’s Singlet Template Pack
  5. Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt Template Pack
  6. Men’s 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup Pack
  7. Men’s Zip Up Hoodie Mockup Photoshop Pack
  8. Unisex Pullover Hood Template Pack
  9. Men’s Crew Neck Sweater Photoshop Pack
  10. Men’s Polo Shirt Mockup Pack
  11. Unisex Raglan Pullover Mockup Pack
  12. Men’s Pocket T-Shirt Photoshop Pack
  13. Women’s V-Neck and Scoop Neck T-shirt Pack
  14. Women’s T-Shirt Mockup Pack
  15. Women’s Singlet Mockup Pack
  16. Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt Photoshop Pack
  17. Women’s Polo Shirt Mockup Pack

The PPTK Clothing Mockup Master Collection is the greatest assembly of Photoshop clothing mockup’s in the world. Each ghosted template has been meticulously crafted from back to front to give you, the designer, the best looking, easiest to use and next generation mockup templates that exist. Add this master collection to your arsenal and you’ll never look back. The master collection includes every one of our photo-real ghosted apparel templates, this includes our massively popular T-Shirt, Zip Hoodie and Polo Shirt Templates.

What is a ‘Ghosted’ Template?

A ‘Ghosted’ template is a step up from a traditional flat-lay template, as it looks like it is being worn by an invisible person.
Traditional flat-lay templates are flattened out on a surface prior to being photographed, however, our detailed, ghosted, apparel templates go through a lengthy process of being photographed on a model from multiple angles to ensure a realistic product. The body of the model is then removed using some trick photography and nifty Photoshop skills by our talented PrePress designers. The final product is a 3D, photo-realistic garment, ready to be adorned with your personalised artwork.
Ghosted templates are useful for showcasing your designs on a realistic template as they incorporate shadows, wrinkles, folds and seams. This means you can adjust your designs without waiting for a printed garment and gain faster turn around times for yourself and clients.

Special features:

  • Turn clothing tags on or off
  • Video Tutorials to get the best out of your templates
  • 1200px X 1800px resolution files
  • Layered and clearly labelled Photoshop Files
  • Unlimited fabric color options
  • Transparent backgrounds

Fast direct download!

Looking for line drawn vector mockups? We have a master collection for that too.

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