26 of the best T-Shirt label Designs

26 inside t-shirt tags creative design examples

Hit a dead end? Looking for the perfect inspiration for your next t-shirt tag design?

Finding the right inside t-shirt tag design is challenging. Not only is the inside tag designed to give your customer the essential information, it’s also an attention to detail that reflects who you are as a brand.

To get you inspired or help you get over your annoying “designer’s block,” we have carefully curated a list of 26 outstanding t-shirt sizing and care tags. If you are looking for pre-made t-shirt tags, check out this download.

01. Nike Global Label System & Technology Logos
by Paul Hutchison

001 nike internal size tag t-shirt apparel design
Extra information: The hierarchy of information was designed to be consistent across the brand, incorporate and unify all variations of size, fabric, technology and sub categories.

02. Purdy Ave
by Kyle Anthony Miller

02 internal tag t-shirt apparel design
Extra information: Logo and clothing tag designed for a Miami based clothing company, Purdy Ave.

03. Calibre Club Co,
by Jeremy Vessey + Sean Berrigan

03 internal sizing tag t-shirt calibre club
We absolutely love the grid layout, use of texture and font selection in Calibre’s sizing Tag.

04. Life Clothing Tag
by Charles Patterson

04 internal tag t-shirt apparel design
Calibre Club is a lifestyle brand. Their internal sizing tag is very minimalistic having very few

05. Dikayl Rimmasch for Ralph Lauren
by Dikayl Rimmasch

05 inside tag t-shirt apparel design ralph lauren

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06. Lateral
by Stefan Balan

06 fun internal t-shirt label design template
Stefan has injected a bit of humour into what is normally a fairly boring care instruction tag.

07. Jon Contino for CXXVI Clothing Co
by Jon Contino

07 CXXVI clothing co inside tag t-shirt apparel design

08. Jon Contino for CXXVI Clothing Co
by Jon Contino

08 t-shirt care label by CXXVI clothing co

09. Jon Contino for CXXVI Clothing Co – Premium T-Shirt Tag Design
by Jon Contino

09 internal label graphic t-shirt apparel design

10. The Eephus League
by Bethany Heck

10 internal tag usa t-shirt apparel design

11. Nauti-kids clothing line
by Atlantic Ink Crew

11 inside printed label apparel design

12. Inside T-Shirt Sizing Tag
by Nullkommasiebenprozent

12 inside t-shirt sizing label design template

13. Gentleman’s Outfitters Regular Fit T-Shirt Label
by Raul Taciu

13 internal tag t-shirt apparel design

14. Wayfarer Clothing
by Kyle Anthony Miller

14 clothing internal tag design template

15. Teespring 50/50 T-Shirt Tag
by Kyle Anthony Miller

15 teespring internal tag care instructions

16. SuperDry Inside clothing labels
by SuperDry

SuperDry t-shirt with label design

17. T-Shirt Tag For Horsescutshop.com
by Unknown

17 best screen printed inside tags t-shirt

18. Zeus Jones Tags
by Alex Register

minimal internal t-shirt sizing label design templates

19. Freed Minds
by Unknown

woven t-shirt label design inspiration

20. Animals T-Shirt Sizing Tag
by Unknown

clever internal tag t-shirt apparel design

21. Omneity
by Unknown

21 vintage inside tag label t-shirt design

22. Rustproof Clothing Company
by Unknown

22 rustic screen print t-shirt sizing label design

23. Superdry Internal T-shirt Tag Design
by Superdry Cothing Company

23 internal tag t-shirt apparel design

24. Aesthetic Supply Clothing Label
by Fred Rodriguez

24 internal tag t-shirt apparel design

25. TTC Clothing Co. Wash Tag
by Emir Ayouni

25 internal tag t-shirt apparel design

26. Curro Inner Tag
by Nick Slater

260 best internal printed tag sizing care instruction

That wraps up our list of 26 Outstanding Inside Tag Examples to Inspire Your Next T-Shirt Design.

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