21 Must Have Handmade Fonts

21 must have handmade fonts TMB

If you’re time poor but still need to inject some handmade typography into your design work, then having an assortment of well engineered handmade fonts at your disposal is a must. We believe there is nothing better than creating a full graphic design by hand, but if you must use preset fonts, here is a list of 21 must have handmade fonts for your design toolkit which we think are the best in class. Let us know which font is your favourite in the comments section below.

01. Bonerica Typeface

Created By: JIW

01_01 Bonerica typeface hand crafted font download

Bonerica typeface is a handmade serif font. This font is great for logos, posters, labels, web material and of course t-shirt designs. It’s modern, it’s vintage.

01_02 american handmade font t-shirt download01_03 american handmade font t-shirt download

02. American Handmade Typeface

Created By: Thunder Pixels

02_01 american handmade font handcarfted download

Inspired by the graphic design craft. American handmade fonts has intentionally been made, raw, gritty and slightly deformed, this adds to the handcrafted look.

03. The Legend Font trio + texture bonus

Created By: Andrey Sharonov

03 the legend font handcrafted collection download

Inspired by traditional American typography, this handmade collection of Script, Sans and Serif come together perfectly to create a vintage mood. The below two images show examples of how these fonts work together.

Andrey Sharonov created the font for purposes of: lettering and logotype, labels, t-shirts, product packaging, invitations, advertising as well as key text in design.

03_02 the legend font t-shirt design download03_03 the legend font typography download
The Legend Script has beautiful alternates for uppercase and numbers, 12 lengths end-swashes and special short version for lowercase characters with protruding elements like b, d, f, g, h etc (It helps to arrange words in two lines more compactly).

The Legend Sans and Serif was designed as a secondary and additional fonts after Script, but in the process of their use I realized that they also look great as a priority. All this fonts has rough effect because of brush painting beginning.

04. Jackrabbit – Handmade Font

Created By: Jackrabbit Creative

04_01 jackrabbit font t-shirt design font inspiration download

Font Mega Pack from Jackrabbit Creative. Includes both .otf and .ttf files for all fonts.

Perfect for overlaying on photos…or any design elements to give that handcrafted feel. Inspired by, and created whilst listening to vintage tunes – such as “Mr. Sandman” by the Chordettes

05. Baheula Vintage + Clean Typeface

Created By: Pratamaydh

05_01 Baheula vintage font download

Baheula is a highly detailed vintage handcrafted font inspired from hand-drawn lettering and vintage style, to work together in aesthetic for creating masterful handlettering designs in a flash!

05 02 Baheula vintage font download example pillow

The typeface is clean, simple, strong, classic and have a hand-drawn look feel. Suitable for digital lettering, branding materials, t-shirt, print, business cards, quotes, logo, poster, t-shirt, nature photography and applicable for any graphic design.

05_03 Baheula vintage font download t-shirt logos

06. Heather

Created By: Handcrafted Types

06_01 Heather font handmade type download

It doesn’t get more handmade than this font set. Created from scratch with a pen brush and ink. This font can stand alone by itself or overlaid on a design. This is a big time saver, or if your out of ink and can’t make your own hand crafted typography.

06 02 Heather font handmade type download logo

07. Rabbits Hole

Created By: Maulana Creative

07_01 rabbits hole font download bonus

Rough, dirty and raw brushed handcrafted fonts is what we like. “Rabbits Hole” is perfectly suited to logos, large center front chest t-shirt designs and much more.

07_02 rabbits hole font download t-shirt design sample

08. The Tropical

Created By: Dirtyline Studio

08_01 The tropical font summer download 2017

A fontastic set of carefully-paired, handcrafted fonts, designed to work together in harmony to create awesome hand-lettered typographic designs. Awesome for adding to a t-shirt design, incorporating into a logos, poster, etc. Opentype features gives you more alternatives in designing.

08_02 The tropical font summer sample 2017

09. Hantam Mereka

Created By: Dikas Studio

09_01 hantam mereka font download

Hantam mereka is handcrafted typeface with rough effect. It’s perfect for any hand drawn fonts style project.

10. Ruction

Created By: Aarley Kaiven

10_01 ruction font download handmade typeface

Ruction is a grunge looking handpainted typeface, it’s rough and raw. Inspired by underground music cover albums. It’s really perfect for headline, t-shirt designs, posters and much more.

10_02 ruction font download handmade t-shirt design logo

11. Old Scotch

Created By: Pratamaydh

11_01 old scotch font download handmade typeface

Old Scotch is a highly detailed vintage yet modern take on the vintage brewery inspired bottle labels. The font has smooth edges to simulate vintage printing.

11_01 old scotch font download t-shirt design logo

12. Drive Thru – Hand Drawn Font

Created By: BLKBK

Drive thru font download

Duncan loves the Drive Thru. He’d drive thru, and thru, and thru, whipping his insatiable appetite into a frenzy. But the glory days came to an end when cheeseburger grease slicked his steering wheel so smooth he couldn’t turn in to hear his voice say, “Welcome to the Drive Thru, what can I get for you?”

Drive thru font download t-shirt logo

13. Handter

Created By: Ilhamherry

handters font download hand crafted typeface

A touch of ornament makes this font look stylish. Plus, OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates and Contextual Alternate in some characters that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. This font is great for vintage t-shirt designs, logo, labels, posters and more.

handters font download handmade t-shirt design

14. Road Culture

Created By: Maghrib

Road culture font handmade texture download

Road culture is a handmade type with blackletter style, inspired by bikers lettering style. Road culture contains two font styles. First is blackletter hand drawn, second is a serif hand drawn font. This font is great for : clothing, logo, lettering, display, posters, mural, etc.

Road culture font handmade t-shirt download

15. Weinston – Handmade Font

Created By: Heybing Supply Co.

Weinston font download handmade

Weinston Typeface presented from Heybing Supply Co, Dual-purpose font, with authentic hand made characters and an irregular baseline, a casual, arty and inky, also come with vector element and badges as free extras. This typeface is capable of many diferent design styles.

Weinston font download t-shirt logo design

16. Northshire Script

Created By: Heybing Supply Co.

Northshire script font download handmade typography

Northshire Script is a hand-painted character set, best described as an irregular baseline,  casual, arty and inky, newly brush-lettered font. Brush fonts are very popular right now and this offering from Heybing Supply Co is at the top of our list.

Northshire script font download t-shirt logo design

Free Gold Foil Texture – see our recent post Gold Foil: The definitive designers guide to gold foil, creating and screen printing the effect.

17. Brawls Typeface + Bonus

Created By: Heybing Supply Co.

Brawls font download handmade typeface

Brawls Typeface by Heybing Supply Co, is a simple, minimalistic, retro and vintage feel character set. The font comes with two styles, clean and rough.

Brawls font download handmade t-shirt designs

To create a beautiful combination, just mix the uppercase and lowercase letters then add in some of the alternative glyphs supplied with the font. The brawls typeface includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation & some extra glyphs.

18. Riverhack

Created By: Yipia Nesia

Riverhack font download handmade typeface

Suitable for any design needs : branding, logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, blog design, modern advertising design, invitation, Art Quote, Home decor, Book/Cover Title, Invitation, special events, birthday, custom mug, pillow, t-shirts, any brush lettering needs and more.

Riverhack font download t-shirt logo design

19. Steady

Created By: Artimasa

Steady script handmade brush font 2017

Artimasa describes the Steady font as “a script typeface with personality”. It was designed as a display typeface that contains 315 glyphs in total and 126 alternative characters to improve your design.

Steady script download brush font 2016

You can use it as a logo, badge, insignia, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, and wedding invitation. The flowing characters are ideal to make an attractive messages, mix and match Steady with a bunch of alternative characters to fit your project.

Logo Bundles – (Free fonts included)

These last two options are not stand alone fonts, rather they are vector artwork which can be edited in vector editing software such as Illustrator or CorelDraw. These custom made logo designs would make a great addition to your design weaponry and make for some quick turnaround t-shirt designs.

20. Vintage Bundle

Created By: Hustle Supply Co.

Riverhack font download t-shirt logo design

A set of 30 Vector Logos made in Adobe Illustrator with Editable Text. All fonts that were used in the creation of these badges are free and editable, links are provided in the download.

Badges vintage t-shirt design 2016

As you can see from the images there is a great variety of logos and badges which can serve multiple purposes, from stand alone t-shirt designs, to internal sizing tags, swing tags, packaging as well as website promotion material.

21. Adventure

Created By: TSV Creative

Retro adventure logo t-shirt design

This download contains 50 logo templates inspired from the outdoor activities and traveling. Each logo is hand drawn and carefully handcrafted to give a vintage, unique and handmade feel! Again, these pre made designs would be great for anyone starting out in t-shirt or apparel design.

Retro adventure logo t-shirt design 2017

Let us know which fonts are your favourites!

If your looking for some free Metallic Gold or Metallic Silver textures to accompany any of these fine fonts make sure you check out other post linked below. From all of us here at PrePress Toolkit we hope you have enjoyed this post.