21 Must Have Handmade Fonts

21 must have handmade fonts TMB

If you’re time poor but still need to inject some handmade typography into your design work, then having an assortment of well engineered handmade fonts at your disposal is a must. We believe there is nothing better than creating a full graphic design by hand, but if you must use preset fonts, here is a list of 21 must have handmade fonts for your design toolkit which we think are the best in class. Let us know which font is your favourite in the comments section below.
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48 Premium College Fonts Perfect For Any Design Job

Premium college fonts sml

College fonts are one of the most popular and widely recognised typefaces in graphic design. To an untrained eye, they can all look the same, but when used effectively the subtle differences can make your product stand out from the rest and bring it to the forefront. Consider brands like Franklin Marshall and Lorna Jane who have utilised the college font style, added their own touch and made it iconic for their brands.

We have identified 48 premium college fonts that cover every style so that you can add them to your collection and use them for years to come.


1.City BQ

College Font 01 City BQ

College Font 02 Princetown

3.Dont Mess With Vikings

4.Wells Grotesque
College Font 04 Wells Grotesque

College Font 05 Aachen

College Font 06 Longhorn

7.Chamfer Gothic
College Font 07 Chamfer Gothic

8. Sporting Life JNL
College Font 08 Sporting Life JNL

College Font 09 Offense

10. Kegger
College Font 10 Kegger

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