22 + 2 Typography T-shirt Design Inspiration

Wrap your eyes around these delicious t-shirt designs embracing typography.

Being ‘inspired’ is a word that gets thrown around the design room/office/school a lot, and can be easier said than done. I can remember my first major graphic design job within the surf/board riding industry. I was blown away by just how talented everyone was, it was humbling and also intimidating. I always wondered how these guys keept coming up with incredible designs over and over again. Later I discovered they had a list of underground graphic design inspiration websites bookmarked in their web browser that they could draw ideas from. This site (www.prepresstoolkit.com) seeks to be one of those sites. you probably should bookmark it 🙂

22 Amazing Typographical T-shirt Designs for Inspiration 

1. True Friends
True Friends T-shirt Inspiration

2. We Do It Like This
We Do It Like This t-shirt design inspiration

3. Vote Ninjas (t-shirt design inspiration by: AJ Paglia)
Vote Ninjas! t-shirt design inspiration

t-shirt vector mockup download
4. Where Is The Music
I love the simplicity of the Where Is The Music tee, enhanced by an over-print technique.
Where Is The Music T-shirt typography Inspiration

5. Shave the Whales (t-shirt design inspiration by: Luis Diaz )
Shave The Whales T-shirt Design Inspiration

6. Savor Flavor
Savor Flavor T-shirt Inspiration

7. Spray Box (t-shirt design inspiration by: Rip Curl)
Spray Box a minimalistic design beefed up with a great distressed/gritty texture.
RipCurl Spray Box T-shirt Design Inspiration

8. Recycling (T-shirt Design Inspiration by: Lim Heng Swee )
Recycling T-shirt Design Inspiration

9. Timewarp  (T-shirt Design Inspiration by: Quiksilver )
Quiksilver Timewarp t-shirt graphic inspiration

10. Power To The People
Power To The People T-shirt Inspiration 

11. Authentic (T-shirt Design Inspiration by: Quiksilver )
Quiksilver Authentic t-shirt graphic inspiration

12. Nike Retro 2012 (T-shirt Design Inspiration by: Mats Ottdal )
Nike T-Shirt typography Inspiration

t-shirt vector mockup download
13. Nike 2012 (T-shirt Design Inspiration by: Mats Ottdal )
Nike T-Shirt Typography Graphic Inspiration

14. Mustache
Mustache rides tshirt Inspiration 

15. More Than Just A Dream
More Than Just A Dream T-shirt Graphic Inspiration 

16. Military Education
military education t-shirt graphic

17. Mavericks
Mavericks T-Shirt Graphics Inspiration 

18. Make Believe
Make Believe T-shirt typography graphic Inspiration 

19. LTD Logo tee
LTD Logo T-shirt graphic Inspiration 

20. Keep Moving Forward
Keep Moving Forward T-shirt Inspiration 

21. Flow (T-shirt Design Inspiration by: Burton )

Burton Flow T-shirt Design Inspiration

22. Better Than I Deserve
Better Than Deserve t-shirt Inspiration

So there you have it,
 Some great designs.

Hopefully your design tank is re-fuelled and ready to design up a storm.
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P.S.. Got a bit excited whilst looking through these t-shirt design inspiration and added two more below, consider these a sweet bonus.


+23. Cut, Paste, Rave
Cut Paste T-shirt Inspiration 

+24. Amazing!
Amazing t-shirt Inspiration 

Why are you still reading this? Go and design something amazing!