26 of the best T-Shirt label Designs

26 inside t-shirt tags creative design examples

Hit a dead end? Looking for the perfect inspiration for your next t-shirt tag design?

Finding the right inside t-shirt tag design is challenging. Not only is the inside tag designed to give your customer the essential information, it’s also an attention to detail that reflects who you are as a brand.

To get you inspired or help you get over your annoying “designer’s block,” we have carefully curated a list of 26 outstanding t-shirt sizing and care tags. If you are looking for pre-made t-shirt tags, check out this download. Continue reading 26 of the best T-Shirt label Designs

Graphic Design is crippling me, and you too!

hand on mouse click

Is Graphic Design Crippling You?

I believe I have an extreme case of tunnel vision, where I can be entranced buy an idea and work solidly towards it for hours on end whilst the sun rises and sets in the background without me even noticing. My chiropractor and optometrist both say “you need to take regular breaks, it’s not healthy to stare at a computer screen all day”. I know it’s true but I honestly keep forgetting to.
As graphic designers we constantly battle sore shoulders, wrists, hands, backs, eyes, the list goes on and on. One of these problems however brought me down and nearly out a few years back, and stumbling across a random website by accident told me why.

RSI and Easter Eggs!

Repetitive Strain Injury (also known as repetitive stress injury, repetitive motion injuries)
Did you know there are hidden features with-in Adobe (and other) programs. They’re called “Easter eggs”.
This random website I came across (I would credit the website but have no idea which one it is now) showed me a simple trick to gain some nifty hidden features, and some stupid ones too. Here’s how to do it.

Illustrator Easter Eggs (hidden awesomeness!)

With a new or existing document open, go to the bottom left of the screen and click the little arrow head just left of the horizontal scroller bar (see image below)

Graphic design and RSI
Once you click on this you should get a popup menu item with a few standard options in the show field, these are, Artboard name, Current tool, Date and Time, Number of undoes.

adobe illustrator easter egg
To get extra hidden bonuses (illustrator easter egg), hold down Options key (for mac ) or Alt key (for Windows) and click the little arrow again. Now you should see added options in the ‘show’ menu, these are, Mordy’s home number(???), Eyes, Moon phase, Mouse Clicks, Illustrator Units Sold, Random Number, and Shopping day’s until Christmas.

illustrator click count easter egg

Mouse Clicks Easter Egg

The mouse click eater egg was the option that made me really think about what I was doing to my fingers. After finding this hidden gem I could visually see how many click I was making every day, and the numbers were scary. I was posting, 2-3 some days even close to 4 thousand clicks, no wonder my fingers and knuckles were killing me! No amount of using different finger to click , or swapping from left hand to right hand was going to save my hands from the stress of repetitiveness.

The solution

The solution for me was simple, I invested in a Wacom drawing tablet. I don’t wish to brain wash anyone into buying one (I have no affiliate with Wacom) all I can say is since buying the drawing tablet I’ve never had sore hands, except for the time I go burnt by the steaming iron on a photo shoot (true story, I might share at a later date)

Wacom have many option now which you can check out here which range from cheap to fairly expensive for the pimping 24” LCD you can draw directly on, so cool. I’ve got two, and A3 Intuos and a small half A5 size one I picked up for $50 in the specials section of their website.
I’d be super stoked to hear what number of clicks you guys are posting. Why not leave a comment below?
Is anyone clicking more than 4 thousand in one day?


The Ultimate Vector Mockup Kit

Ultimate vector mockup from pre press toolkit

We are stocked to announce the greatest pro vector mockup kit to grace the internet. Meticulously designed to enhance your garment designs. With out a doubt, first impressions count for everything, don’t risk it, get a professional mockup kit today that will show you have great skill and attention to detail.

As a graphic designer in the clothing industry for over 7 years,  i’ve produced my fair share of graphic designs. All of which go through a rigorous approval process by the clients that can be the life and death of a designer or small business. I’ve realised that you have precious seconds to present to a boss or client that your designs are worth investing time and money in. The saying is true ‘first impressions are everything’, bosses and clients are looking for people who show great design knowledge, present well, and deliver on-time with immaculate attention to detail. Presenting to a client what you think is your greatest design achievement can be tainted by clients umming and arrring over approving the design based on their confidence in you, if your failing to impress them, how are they going to impress their buyers?

Enter the pro vector garment kit!

Every template is meticulously design to enhance your artwork.

A few points about the kit

  • Each template has realistic shading to give detail and add body (no pun intended) to your artwork.
  • 100% editable EPS files, plus .Ai and PDF files included.
  • Pocket, zip, and hood add-on’s so you can create your own templates if you are designing for a non generic garment.
  • Garments are in correct proportions.
  • All art files are layered and labeled for ease of use.
  • BONUS marl textured swatches.
  • Save %30 when buying the complete vector mockup kit.



Men’s T-shirt (with v-neck option) – Vector Mockup

best mens vector t-shirt mockup template

Unisex Singlet – Vector Mockup

best vector singlet garment mockup template

Short Sleeve Shirt – Vector Mockup

premium vector short sleeve shirt mockup Mens basic short sleeve shirt. Detailed shirts like this are hard to find.

Unisex Polo Shirt – Vector Mockup

best vector polo shirt mockup template This Polo Shirt Template comes with both closed and open collar versions. Comes with pocket add-on for extra styling.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt (bonus hooded LS T-shirt) – Vector Mockup

best vector long sleeve tshirt mockup template

Long Sleeve Shirt – Vector Mockup

best vector long sleeve shirt mockup template

Folded Sleeve (Long Sleeve) Shirt – Vector Mockup

vector folded long sleeve shirt mockup template

Fleece Crew Jumper -Vector Mockup

unisex vector fleece crew jumper mockup template

Women’s T-Shirt (with v-neck option) – Vector Mockup

best womens vector tshirt mockup template

Long Sleeve T-Shirt (bonus hooded LS T-shirt) – Vector Mockup

best vector hoodie jumper mockup template

Plus much more.

As I said before, first impressions count for everything. Don’t risk it, get a professional mockup kit today that will proves you have great skill and attention to detail.

Download Pack Now

T-Shirt history – The Road To T-Shirt Graphics

road to the printed t-shirt graphic

The t-shirt began life as a functional piece of underwear worn not to be seen. In the early days it would have been considered offensive to reveal the t-shirt.

T-shirt history, the road to the printed t-shirt graphicThe origin of the t-shirt stems back to World War 1. American soldiers were sweating in their woolen uniforms whilst their European counterparts were less restricted in their lightweight cotton undergarments.

In WW2 the t-shirt became standard issue for US armed forces. Made from 100% cotton, its lightweight, breathability and ease of cleaning made it ideal for combat conditions. WW2 also provided another preview of the t-shirt as soldiers crudely customized their vest-styled tees to identify their station. Hand made stencils and car spray paint made for some of the first graphics to appear on the soon to be fashionable t-shirt.

In the 1940’s -1950’s American colleges started printing their names and logos on the fronts of t-shirts, normally using flock iron-on fonts. These t-shirts were sold in the college stores for students to wear with American pride. Later versions of these American college style tees from universities such as Yale and Harvard became apart of the early 60’s English mod look along side other US Ivy League-style preppy garments. The trend for small businesses in the 1950’s to print their own logos on t-shirts as advertising grew with diners, electrical stores and garages seizing the opportunity.

By the mid-1960’s these ‘walking billboard’ advertising tees were big business. Marlon Brando and James Dean socked Americans by wearing their underwear on the big screen in The Wild One and Rebel Without a Cause. This marked the t-shirts long-awaited progression from underwear to outerwear. Although mid 1960’s invasion-style groups dipped their toes in the T-shirt market, it was West Coast gig promoters, such as Bill Graham pushing local acts like the Grateful Dead, who first realized this emerging potential to sell T-shirts as well as gig tickets at venues.

The 60?s ushered in all sorts of political and self expressive shirts. Psychedelic and tie dye designs were extremely popular in the era.

Soon alternate cuts and styles like ringers and V-necks surfaced. In the late 80?s – 90?s glow-in-the-dark and photosensitive inks were popular.

By the year 2000 the internet had changed the industry forever, with design competitions, and print on demand services, giving anyone with the talent and know how a way to sell their goods to a global audience. Today there are numbers of websites dedicated to showcasing designs from artists all around the world and one dedicated to supplying screen print specific artwork for download and that’s right here at the prepress toolkit.