Photo Print T-Shirt Design Inspiration

A lot has changed in screen printing since the 1960’s when it was mainly utilised by businesses owners to print their logos on t-shirts for promotional purposes……scratch that, nothing has changed since the 1960’s in this regard. Today, a plethora of clothing/fashion labels are churning out company branded apparel and it’s only gaining momentum. I am amazed at how saturated the apparel industry is, yet new brands keep sprouting up seemingly overnight and are making a significant impact on the market.

Todays clothing label really needs to stand out, whether it be by offering great quality at a lower price, being a trend influencer rather or an exclusive label, whatever your direction is, one thing remains crystal clear… can’t go past a great looking t-shirt print.

Maybe the why of screen printing hasn’t changed since the 1960’s but the printing processes and techniques certainly have.

One of these techniques is, four color process printing also known as, CMYK printing. With the use of special image separation software, the image is broken up into halftones consisting of four main colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Each color has its own screen and is printed with opaque (semitransparent) ink, one on top of the other to make the various colour tones. For example, green hues would be made up of cyan and yellow halftone dots printed on top of each other. This technique allows for pretty much any creative design to be realised on a light colour t-shirt.

Check out these (cmyk) photo print t-shirt designs… for your inspiration.

Billabong – ‘Paradise’
billabong_paradise_t-shirt design inspiration

Supremebeing – ‘Treeshine’
Supremebeing treeshine_t-shirt design inspiration

Savant – ‘Jack Daniels’
Savant Jack Daniels_T-shirt design inspiration

Quiksilver – ‘Somewhere’

Quiksilver Somewhere_T-shirt design inspiration

LA BOCA T-shirt design inspiration

Insight – ‘Knitted Skull’
Insight knitted Skull T-shirt design inspiration

Dead Legacy – ‘Supernatural’
dead legacy supernatural_t-shirt desing inspiration

Quiksilver – ‘Noosa Fins’
quiksilver_noosa-fins t-shirt design inspiration

Cade Embery – ‘Set Sail’

Cade Embery – ‘Set Sail’
Cade-Embery_Set-Sail2 t-shirt design inspiration

Bruce Lee – (Source unknown)
Bruce lee t-shirt design inspiration

Quiksilver – ‘Roads End’

Quiksilver cmyk photo print t-shirt design inspiration

Quiksilver – ‘Check It’
Quiksilver_Check_It t-shirt cmyk photo print inspiration

Dead Legacy – ‘Last Stand’
Dead-legacy-last-stand t-shirt photo print

Dead Legacy – ‘Game On’
dead-legacy-game-on t-shirt design inspiration

Dead Legacy – ‘Car Wash’
Dead-Legacy-car-wash t-shirt design inspiration