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Free Vector T-Shirt Mockup

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We are celebrating the release of The Ultimate Vector Mockup Pack and our
NEW Master Collection with a free vector t-shirt download!

Our brand new Vector Garment Master Collection Pack consists of 310+ high-end vector clothing mockup templates. Each mockup was meticulously designed to enhance and give body to, garment graphics.

PrePress Toolkit founder, Dan, spent years working in surf apparel and prepress industries before being inspired to produce high-end garment vector mockups for everyone. “I’ve seen too many designers stumble at the finish line. They create a phenomenal t-shirt design or hoodie, or whatever, and throw it on a shoddy mockup that totally degrades the design. So we’ve made it nearly impossible for you to fail by providing you with sets of high quality resources.”

In celebration of the release of our brand NEW Vector Clothing Master Collection, we have decided to give you a free download of a vector t-shirt mockup template!

See below for a download link to the Pro Vector T-Shirt Template.

From all of us here at PrePress Toolkit,

P.s. Here’s a quick video preview of the Pro Vector T-Shirt Template.


Click the ‘Download T-shirt Template’ button below, then leave us a comment to show your support. Thanks in advance!

Download T-Shirt Template


free vector t shirt mock up sample


How to add artwork to a T-Shirt template in Illustrator

Now that you’ve scored yourself the best Illustrator T-Shirt template, it’s time to place in your artwork and change the template color and guess what? It’s super easy!

Option 1: Copy/Paste Method

Our vector clothing mockups are split into a few different layers to make editing the template simpler, we recommend pasting in your artwork to the top layer of the template file so that your artwork sits on top of the keyline, shading and body color layers, this will make further editing much easier.

Step 1 of 3

Open up a t-shirt design you have created preferably in Illustrator or Photoshop

Step 2 of 3

Copy artwork (Ctrl C)

Step 3 of 3

Navigate back to the t-shirt template file and with the top layer selected, paste in your artwork
(Ctrl V).

Option 2: Placing Artwork

Using Illustrators Place option is best for adding artwork that has been exported from an image editor such as adobe Photoshop. Illustrator can handle placing artwork from many different file formats, the most common being JPG, EPS, PNG, GIF and PSD files.

Step 1 of 3

Go to File > Place

Step 2 of 3

Locate the artwork file you wish to add to your mockup template and click ‘Place’

Step 3 of 3

Newer versions of Illustrator will then require you to select a location inside the illustrator document of where the artwork is to be placed (you’ll notice that you cursor now has a little thumbnail image of the artwork about to be placed into the document). Click where you need the artwork to be placed then resize and refine the placement of your artwork


How to change the color of a T-Shirt Template Vector

We have engineered our vector clothing templates to be as simple to edit as possible. One task which we have improved on over the years is the ability to quickly change the body color and stitching details of any of our clothing templates. In this tutorial we will show you how to easily color not only the body color of the garment but the sleeves and neck hem, this same technique can also be used to color hood linings, shirt collars, pockets, and sizing tags of any template from our master collection.

Step 1 of 2

Direct selection tool

We will be using the direct selection tool in Adobe Illustrator. The direct selection tool is located on the main tools pallet identified as the white cursor arrow or by pressing the ‘A’ key on the keyboard. With the direct selection tool enabled click on a section of the template you wish to color.

Step 2 of 2

Coloring the clothing template

Double click the fill color and choose a color for your clothing template.


Bonus Quick Step

Coloring multiple sections at once

A quick way to color more than one section of our clothing templates is to use the ‘select same’ option in Illustrator, this works great for coloring sleeves and heck hems at the same time. Note: this method only works if the sleeves or neck hems are the same colors as each other to begin with. All 310+ vector mockup template are set up for this selection method to work.

Step 1

Select panel

With the direct selection tool (Shortcut ‘A’) select one of the sleeve panels

Step 2

Select same fill color

From the top menu click on Select > Same > Fill color. This will select all the garment panels of the t-shirt template that are colored the same.

Step 3

Color the garment panels

Select the fill color you wish to color the garment panels by double clicking the Fill color option in the main tools menu.


Click the ‘Download T-shirt Template’ button below, then leave us a comment to show your support. Thanks in advance!

Download T-Shirt Template


PrePressTKFree Vector T-Shirt Mockup


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    What are the program requirements – I’ve downloaded and unzipped the templet but I can’t find a program that will open it so I can use it.

    PrePressTK - 2016 reply

    Hi Lora, You will need a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

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    Just used these to mock up a bunch of shirt designs with our company logo. Really well done templates, they are extremely flexible and easy to edit. Could not have asked for anything better to work with and the end results are clean professional graphics to present for TPTB to decide with.

    PrePressTK - 2016 reply

    Hi Cat, thanks for your review 🙂 We really appreciate the honest words.

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